MBA講師 Stefanie Tate

Stefanie Tate / Assistant Professor of Accounting

Stefanie TateStefanie Tate holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Wake Forest University and a PhD in Accounting from Michigan State University.

Before entering the PhD program, she worked for KPMG Peat Marwick, LLP in Washington, DC for six years. During this period she advanced to manager in the public service practice, having performed financial statement and compliance audits of mostly non-profit and government clients.

She is a Certified Public Accountant in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

ステファニー・テイト / 会計学・助教
略歴: ウェーク・フォレスト大学にて会計学士号取得、KPMG ピート・マーウィックを経て、ミシガン州立大にて会計博士号取得。


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